ATMATM solution


Just for making an ATM available to your customers can increase your revenue without selling a thing.
Our ATM charges a fee for every withdrawal a customer makes and that’s your profit. It’s that easy!
TBS is committed to offering the latest technologies and the highest quality ATM machines from top manufacturers, including Triton and Nautilus Hyosung at factory direct price.
Don’t have the budget to invest in ATM machine? No problem! TBS offers very flexible financing program for purchasing, and affordable leasing for qualified retailers.




ATM machineAll of our ATM machines are ADA compliant and feature Triple DES technology.
The Triple DES encryption on PIN pads has the added benefit of being much safer for customers to use as bank ATM machines.


–   Multiple ATM Placement Programs availble in retail locations
–   Aggressive Commissions on Placement Program
–   Equipment Installation Service
–   Hardware and Software Upgrade Service
–   On-site Tech Support
–   24/7 Toll-free Customer Service



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